A Great Website Design can Increase Visitors

Most of us have a blog for a reason. Either it is a way to advertise a service or we want to sell something directly off the blog. The bottom line is; we want to capture the visitor’s attention quickly with a responsive web design, and call them to some specific action for the website owner’s benefit before they lose interest.

It is estimated that a website visitor will take no more than 30 seconds to decide what they want to do. If the website is not a responsive website design, the visitor will quickly leave. If there is something of interest, there may be an opportunity to capture them and turn the “lookers” into “bookers”. That almost instantaneous decision by a visitor is largely dependent upon having a responsive website design.

Call to Action

A responsive web design calls the visitor to action very quickly and succinctly by giving specific instructions regarding what action to take. The visitor may be asked to “click here”, “go online”, or “visit this site” that will direct them immediately to the page where the action is to take place. A responsive website design will allow this to occur almost instantaneously. This is required, as it has been shown if it takes more than a few seconds for a transfer to occur; the visitor will quickly move to a faster website.

There are many variations to this theme. One of the most common is to direct the visitor to a landing page with, “click here to go to our information form”, where first, their information is collected for further follow up and advertising purposes. They are then directed to a further opportunity for a call to action with calls to action such as “go to our shopping site”, or “click here for our free offer”, as examples.

Click Here

A responsive web design is critical to the success of a website. Everyone wants to have some action taken as a result of a visitor to the site and we rely on the responsive website design to encourage the visitor to accept a call to action.