2016 anthracene phenanthrene pudong beauty expo trailer, on May 18, we sincerely invite to anthracene phenanthrene pavilion 【E3H21-E3H30】(2016.05.10)

More than 200000 square meters exhibition area; 10000 international standard booths; Nearly 3000 companies cover all beauty makeup industry chain; Nearly 30 countries and regions group...


On May 18-20, the 21st China beauty expo exhibition will be there with three themes, stage a set of internationalization, specialization, maturity, authoritative and comprehensive 2016 beauty makeup regale. As the world's top three, Asia's first international event, Shanghai beauty expo is not only China's cosmetics industry attention and adulation, and has become a global beauty industry focus.


The Shanghai beauty expo is anthracene phenanthrene fifth consecutive exhibition。 New upgrade of anthracene phenanthrene what will bring you surprise, wonderful forecast must be present for you immediately。


 High profile fashion exhibition hall 


The anthracene phenanthrene hall remained consistent tone color yellow, design has a lot of innovation and breakthrough, the new concept of anthracene phenanthrene and charm show incisively and vividly。

Afrees The booth:E3H21-E3H30


The pavilion design several characteristics: the biggest one, used shelf display, convert theme display highlight key products; Second, 15 meters across the building, the promotion space interesting & sense of atmosphere; Three, use a variety of Marine elements, clever and deep sea atmosphere, reflect eugenics ossein non-pollution deep origin。


 A new product Blockbuster debut 


Since the new upgrade yellow bone series, bird's nest essence mask as well as research and development of new public professional foot and body care series win in the market very good reflection, anthracene phenanthrene in 2016 will continue to promote the upgrading of the green series of bone and for the development of new products.

New product first to see


Eugenics collagen moisture magnet water frost

After years of research and development, the healthy birth of a lasting hydrating force ossein lock water magnet explosion cream will be on display at the blockbuster beauty expo in Shanghai. Rich in collagen protein nutrients, applying new technology "magnet lock water moisturizing elements PENTAVITIN (SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE), gently rub, essence cream on the skin in the form of concentrated water, concentrated hydrating lock water film formed at the same time provide better moisturizing effect, nourish the skin, help to reduce dry fine lines, firming skin contours, make the skin tight water embellish, see step by step.



Eugenics collagen moisture magnet moisture essence concentrate

Eugenics collagen moisture magnet moisture essence concentrate Is this time anthracene phenanthrene beauty expo blockbuster launch a new product. Product has the characteristics of small molecule is easy to absorb, can deep moisture, nutrients, repair damaged skin, and moisturizing element contains rich nutrients collagen fusion "magnet lock water PENTAVITIN (SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE), gradually improve the appearance of fine lines, sagging, drying and color of skin not equal, restore the skin smooth and tender state of health.



➤In circulation market in 2016, anthracene phenanthrene emphatically introduced eugenics ossein wash protect series and 20 g portable body bags series of professional care to meet the different needs of consumers.


Wash protect series circulation market


20 g, foot and body professional care series


Fist star product


Rich award A fascinating


On May 18 to 20 during the exhibition, we will arrange the welfare activities at different times, let everybody exhibition at the same time play hi! Details remember to anthracene phenanthrene booth site understand oh, all sorts of surprises ~ is not to be missed, anthracene phenanthrene image spokesperson yolanda will also with a number of beauty come together.


Surprise 1 big delivery free of charge




Surprise 2 attention to send gifts



Surprise 3 lucky big wheel, a number of awards waiting for you



Surprise 4 to find the most photogenic "face"



Big surprise 5 favorable feedback






2016 anthracene phenanthrene Shanghai beauty expo exhibition guide


The 21st China beauty expo (Shanghai CBE) :

Show address: Shanghai new international expo center (pudong longyang road no. 2345)

Holding time: 2016.05.18-05.20

Anthracene phenanthrene booth: E3H21-E3H30


Traffic guidance

The pavilion near rail transit site:

Rail transit metro line 7 hua mu road station (1 mouth outbound at the Shanghai new international expo center hall)

Rail transit subway line 2 longyang road station (4 mouth outbound take shuttle bus to Shanghai new international expo center)

Shanghai pudong airport, Shanghai new international expo center

Take the subway line 2, directly to the subway line 2 longyang road station。

Shanghai hongqiao airport, Shanghai hongqiao railway station, Shanghai new international expo center

Take the subway line 2, directly to the subway line 2 longyang road station.

The Shanghai railway station, Shanghai new international expo center
Take metro line 1, after six station, arrive at changshu road station
With site transfer to metro line 7
Take metro line 7, after 13 station, to the hua mu road subway station

Shanghai south railway station, Shanghai new international expo center
Take metro line 1, after five station, arrive at changshu road station
With site transfer to metro line 7
Take metro line 7, after 13 station, to reach the flowers and trees to the subway station

Warm prompt:
1, the Shanghai new international expo center in rail transit line 2 and line 7, its service time is respectively: 5:30 ~ now; At 5:30 ~ ".
2: the fare, one-way ticket 6 km 3 yuan, more than six kilometres every 10 kilometer costs one yuan, uncapped, on line 5 is only 6 km below $2, 6 km - 16 km 3 yuan. A one-way ticket of passengers at the Shanghai railway station (3, 4, transfer to 1), shaanxi south road, hongqiao terminal 2 transfer needs to buy tickets. 



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