Total named 2016 China and the United States, thousands of anthracene, phenanthrene makeup (xinjiang) BBS will be grand opening, we sincerely invite you to visit on August 3! (2016.07.29)

August of xinjiang, the scenery beautiful, sweet melons and fruits.


A beauty pageant, also will soon kick off here.

3-4, 2016 Chinese beauty makeup (xinjiang) BBS and beauty makeup done awards in xinjiang, the statue of MAO in xinjiang silver city held a grand hotel. A for example, for example, exploring xinjiang beauty makeup under a sustainable development of the market, improve the credibility BBS grand ceremony of the makeup industry, brings together the domestic senior experts and thousands of elite outstanding performance in xinjiang, at the same time will also be exhibited detonation products sell like hot cakes daily chemical industry.


Anthracene phenanthrene as collagen skin leading brands, and 2016 Chinese beauty makeup (xinjiang) BBS always named and strategic support units, which will carry its nine best-selling product, qiu dong blasting, a new upgrade yellow bone series, a series of new green bone and bird's nest mask series of blockbuster at this exhibition.



In the previous period to introduce pragmatic innovation breakthrough "buy hand thinking", advocate the small, beautiful, beautiful and pure, pure and quasi zhengzhou meeting, anthracene phenanthrene ossein series of products by the agent customers, detonate zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center. Anthracene phenanthrene will continue to maintain the good momentum, further enrich the market demand, the sales network to sink to the villages and towns of xinjiang market, establish a more robust capillary network, the use of economical and collagen personal care products into homes. Believe in xinjiang in August meeting, anthracene phenanthrene will also get more gratifying achievements.



Anthracene phenanthrene sincerely invite you to visit


2016 China beauty makeup BBS (xinjiang)

And beauty makeup done awards in xinjiang

Show time: August 3-4, 2016

Address: the exhibition silver city of xinjiang statue of MAO hotel

(xinjiang urumqi city west rainbow west road no。 179)


The product display props special sponsored by the full display supplies co., LTD

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