Sichuan BBS ended, anthracene phenanthrene qiu dong season product into attention hot spot (2016.08.18)

August 18, 2016 China (sichuan) BBS and beauty makeup beauty makeup plunged in sichuan province awards is satisfactory. BBS on a number of heavyweight guests to share practical content, analysis of the present retailers, rebuilding consumer link, solve, the transformation of retail category, passenger flow, profit and management issues. On display at the venue of the high quality products sell like hot cakes have become the attention of the customer.


Anthracene phenanthrene is a great pleasure for me to came to Washington at the invitation of the host, as the outstanding brand exhibition, and anthracene phenanthrene is the total of the BBS name brand.


Anthracene phenanthrene assembly name



In the hall's brightest anthracene phenanthrene advertising



Anthracene phenanthrene became full the most atmospheric booths


Now summer is past autumn winter approaching, agents, retail shop owner another very concerned about the problem is that how to find the next flashpoint of profits. This is also our brands very seriously, thousands company chairman and general manager pan pan has also attended the BBS.

Chairman pan: the center of the figure in the front row General manager: pan figure in a front left


Autumn and winter cold, dry climate characteristics, make our delicate skin is facing severe challenges。 Anthracene phenanthrene in order to focus on the functional areas of personal care products and recognized by the industry familiar with its rich product category, from head to foot all products, including hand cream, embellish system and other products, is the most outstanding in the category。 Since going public loved by consumers, has for years been certified hit, especially in autumn winter season is selling briskly。


Quality products leave the powerful research and development and production capacity, as a leading brand of anthracene phenanthrene collagen skin care, substantial development and production of power and focus collagen skin care research and production company background for 25 years。 As a veteran OEM enterprises, thousands have many national invention patents, and cooperation with watsons continuously for more than ten years。 At the meeting, general manager of thousands Pan Zhipeng also to parse the thousands to build the brand style。


Pan Zhipeng, general manager of the first to speak



Many agents are goods as our hand cream


Foot and professional care series, body more exclusive patented technology, specially added gelatin extracted collagen ingredients [China invention patent no。 : ZL 2008 1, 0097284。5], the china-japan friendship hospital, the Chinese armed police general hospital and the Chinese people's liberation army hospital of the 3rd "clinical research report, total effective rate is as high as 92% above, can be used as a dermatologist preferred skin moisturizing factor, can effectively protect our skin, reduce dryness and itching, rough, prevent hand frostbite, agnail peeling, escort for healthy skin。




On the BBS, anthracene phenanthrene, foot and body care products come to the attention of many customers


Cracked beauty shop owners prefer cream


Of course, daily skin care is also cannot be ignored. BBS on eugenics ossein nutrients of anthracene phenanthrene series products, and it has a bird's nest extraction process of the Chinese invention patent of the bird's nest mask is also a great attention by customers in forum guests.


Shopkeeper anthracene phenanthrene on policy



Next, let's review again anthracene phenanthrene fashion display image of the atmosphere!

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