Good news | 2016 Watson HWB mei-li event, thousands once again won the best brands award (2016.08.20)


On August 19, has been hailed as a domestic fashion beauty "Oscar" health and beauty is great reward in 2016 Watson (HWB) in guangzhou shangri-la hotel fragrance of rest was held successfully 。



As fashionable vane, the annual Watson Health Beauty is great reward (Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Award HWB) are the focus of attention. Each celebration of the watsons awards for excellent cooperation enterprises, this year is no exception. Thousands of foshan co., LTD., to renew brilliance, won the best brands award issued by the watsons.


Thousands, managing Pan Zhipeng dressed up to attend, and award on behalf of the thousands of enterprises。 (bottom right)



Thousands with watsons continuously for more than ten years of cooperation, as Watson ace strategic partners, award-winning always with high quality products and services. As the leading domestic cosmetics OEM/ODM brand, thousands company focus on high quality skin care products research, 25 years and won many national invention patents, especially in the field of collagen skin care research and development and production. Not only has advanced research and development technology and production equipment, thousands have perfect management system, at the same time is to belong to hardware, software, high generation of processing enterprises.

Thousands company has always been firmly believe that "is only limited raw materials, the effect of no can't do", and always adhering to the belief in skincare ingredients insist on study, serious and responsible attitude and the spirit is to let thousands of companies in the field of skincare ingredients on again and again to get the new achievements of bright look, more constantly make partner gives a high degree of affirmation and praise. Thousands in the future the company will continue to push Chen innovation, immediately before the pace of your footsteps.






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