Thousands of Japanese cosmetics research and development center was established The company scientific research strength to a new level (2017.01.04)

Time to prepare, December 22, 2016, thousands of Japanese cosmetics research and development center under the people look forward to formally established。 Means that the cosmetics research strength of thousands company will to a new level, real toward internationalization。

Figure from the left in the order: thousands of company general manager Pan Zhipeng application of biological engineering, Tokyo university professor of division M.d., Ph.D. Former Tian Xianshou, thousands company deputy general manager Xiu-fang liu
Steadfast low-key chugging along
As the leading domestic cosmetics OEM/ODM brand, thousands company focus on high quality skincare research for 25 years, won several national invention patents, especially in the field of collagen skin care on the research and development and production of industry standard.
At present, thousands of companies not only in domestic has foshan headquarters, east China, north China three research and development base, also focus on overseas research center was set up thousands of Japanese cosmetics, can see, thousands company research and development of cosmetics are aligning with international ambitions.
Three big domestic research and development base
Engineering university campus is located in Tokyo Japan, thousands of Japanese cosmetics research center

And by a large number of advertising campaign and marketing events attract eyeball enterprises, thousands of companies in more than 20 years has maintained a low profile on the practicalities of style, to move forward in moderate steps, with strong scientific research and production technology, excellent product quality and service to win a large number of loyal customers.
With thousands of cooperation for 13 consecutive years of watsons is a good example, still maintain a good strategic partnership. Thousands of companies for watsons generation ossein series product processing, has repeatedly won the own brand of the watsons awards.
Strive to set up overseas research centers The scientific research strength to a new level
As an enterprise with strategic foresight, thousands are not satisfied with their current achievements, but based on the internal scan widely international. Japanese cosmetics research strength in daily chemical industry is obvious to all. This time, thousands of companies to cooperate with institutes of engineering at the university of Tokyo, Japan set up thousands of Japanese cosmetics research, more luxury, as thousands of take-off with strong wings.
Meeting, thousands of company general manager Mr Pan Zhipeng for professors in detail in the r&d center of the company's products, to discuss the company's development plan.

After the meeting, former Tian Xianshou professor guide you visit the r&d center.

In 2017, this is just the beginning. The flying of the future, I believe that thousands will certainly bring you more surprise and a better product 。
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