"Anthracene at glory, Philippines the dream", anthracene phenanthrene 2016 brand strategy conference and 2015 year-end thanks will held ceremoniously (2016.01.08)

All said this year it was the winter of the industry, but the company has 25 years of research and development of collagen background of anthracene phenanthrene brand, after 5 years of operation of brand, in 2015, a series of changes, but in the era of rapid growth.

    On January 7th, take "the anthracene glory, Philippines the dream" as the theme of anthracene phenanthrene 2016 brand strategy conference and 2015 year-end thanks will, marriott hotel in shunde, guangdong beauty is held ceremoniously. Foshan thousands cosmetics co., LTD., chairman of Pan Bingxiong, anthracene phenanthrene department at all levels of leadership management and anthracene phenanthrene brand agent distributor partners from all over the country gathered together in the past year anthracene phenanthrene brand leap.


       Foshan thousands cosmetics co。, LTD。, chairman of Pan Bingxiong always think do enterprise and person, honest and firm is the key to success。 In his view, the enterprise should learn premier zhou, conscientious, focus on one thing at a time, and treat every work as the last chance of life。 So he is running the thousands for 25 years, has been focus on bone glue the original ones, with 25 years of insist and focus, make thousands ossein barriers on the market, the brand market influence。
Pan Bingxiong also said that in 2015, anthracene phenanthrene has experienced a lot of twists and turns, but the agent to the thousands and stick to let he strengthened his own life creed: confidence to insist, no sweet without sweat. The impact of the 2015 thousands this article shallow sleep awaken the dragon, to meet thousands of, must be a bright spring 2016.

Thousands shu-feng wang, director of sales in 2015, anthracene phenanthrene in network layout and channel developing steadily, the depth distribution. In northeast, northwest and north China as the leading regional market promoting the market layout, give priority to with KA, CS and OTC channels to work, have made good effect.

In 2016, thousands will deepen the network, to complete the anthracene phenanthrene dealer layout, implement all above township market coverage, more depth and quality of single point。

On products, anthracene phenanthrene with fist products, I will move the market, star product sales, product differentiation to boost profits。 At the same time, the form of standardized management, let the team work more efficient。 In addition, completes the value-added service, the control of product quality, will work to perform, for distributors to provide professional training and customization services。 2016 anthracene phenanthrene KA outlets achieved 10000, including wal-mart, carrefour, rt-mart, vanguard, Dennis etc。 Large chain; Pharmaceutical chain target to 25000。

Foshan thousands cosmetics co., LTD., general manager of Pan Zhipeng criterion for thousands of media promotion plan are introduced, in 2015, thousands to speed up and focus media, television media and network media cooperation, make the brand to more cognitive and accepted by the young consumer groups.
By 2016, thousands will continue to deepen cooperation with emerging media channels, spread thousands of influence, will strengthen the spread of micro films, with the perspective of young and funny story to tell thousands over the past 25 years of focus and concentration.

After the yellow outfit eugenics ossein new upgrade, the New Year anthracene phenanthrene green outfit eugenics collagen will also be a new upgrade. Announced the anthracene phenanthrene anthracene phenanthrene division director PangXiaoDong products in 2016 launched a new eugenics collagen moisture magnet series, has made the detailed introduction, present customers have expressed great interest.

Unlike anthracene phenanthrene consistent yellow mass-tone attune, the mass-tone attune of the home products for the green, give a person with a new feeling. This series of nine product and four boxes, a total of 13 skus to the market. At the same time, anthracene phenanthrene also introduced a circulation of 2016 brand new high quality products, including eugenics ossein Marine ooze cool bath dew, nourish the soft shampoo and white tender skin hand cream and so on.

2015, anthracene phenanthrene signing new spokesperson yolanda, have taken the micro film "let love keep time", "dream, do what you love", as well as the premiere at the scene of new micro movie "the feeling of first love, yolanda I also appeared a dinner, and expressed their love and support of anthracene phenanthrene brand. In get a burst of applause at the same time also let agents aware of anthracene phenanthrene in 2016, will be more young, more lively way into the public eye, occupy the market share.

Cooperate with anthracene phenanthrene agent for many years in guangxi guangxi trade limited liability company general manager wyman, henan Lin Cheng Feng Sen and shaanxi dong yu trade co., LTD., general manager, general manager of zhen-shan zhang are expressed in the process of power sharing thousands anthracene phenanthrene appreciation and support of new products and new strategy. They have a consistent view that more choice is greater than the effort. Thousands are they insist on the right choice for many years, in the understanding and witnessed thousands of new trends, they have reason to believe that thousands more will give them full of vitality and hope for the future.

2015 anthracene phenanthrene completed a perfect metamorphosis, 2016 anthracene phenanthrene will be flying。

Let's take a look at in the past year, anthracene phenanthrene which three measures implemented, revitalize its charm and implements the new rapid growth.

Product-Slimming upgrade


     In 2015 in order to fully optimize the structure of anthracene phenanthrene products, integration of resources and focus on word-of-mouth product, we make sweeping of anthracene phenanthrene ossein all products of thin body, the final decision from more than 200 SKU reserves to more than 60 SKU. So not only to end release more space, back to the agent customers reduced pressure. At the same time more introduced a new research and development of professional foot and body care products, make up for the market demand for professional skin care consumption gap, and a new upgrade for the national patent of the bird's nest essence mask series.

2015 new eugenics ossein yellow collagen skin care series

  • New upgrade packaging image

  • New formula update

  • Add new hot style product development: "sunscreen super hui suit", "yellow skirt scented body lotion, elasticity protect wet latex" 24 hours ", "nourish the sleeping mask", "moisturizing cleanser"


Products once appeared to obtain new and old users love, have to evaluate the new packing more grade is better than the old packaging。

2015 new eugenics ossein, foot and body professional care series ——Thousands on collagen 25 years to blockbuster

Respectively are: the cleft hand cream, spirit foot crack frost, cracked plaster, the wetting muscular body lotion

  • Especially for the elderly because of autumn and winter dry skin caused by dry itchy and frost crack, the effect is remarkable. Took the lead through the 307th hospital of the Chinese people's liberation army, the Chinese people's armed police force general hospital and china-japan friendship hospital clinical trials in China, the total effective rate of 92% or more, can be up to 3 days, 7 days to cure an excellent effect, has become the first domestic clinical efficacy can also use daily skin care products.


  • Series of products also used thousands of the latest scientific and technological achievements, China patent gelatin collagen extract, while ensuring cure cracked skin itchy and dry at the same time also can have very good to the skin moist and maintenance effect.

2015 new bird's nest essence mask series

  • New upgrade packaging image

  • Recipe upgrade, increase Chinese patents: bird's nest to withdraw the essence, to promotes the skin blood microcirculation, compensatory nutrition smoothen fine lines, prevent skin aging effect is more obvious.


Channel - "three" management



Depth distribution, deepen the management, high-value, is thousands of anthracene phenanthrene has been determined to carry out the marketing management strategy。 2015 anthracene phenanthrene is the three management principles carry out to the market, to implement。

   2015 anthracene phenanthrene in network layout and channel developing steadily, the depth distribution. In northeast, northwest and north China as the leading regional market promoting the market layout, give priority to with KA, CS and OTC channels to work, have made good effect.

   2015 anthracene phenanthrene in market work, cling to deepen the management. Anthracene phenanthrene in henan market as the first cultivate object to build model market so far has been effective, is in command personally by chairman pan in April 2015 and again in November organizations national district, held in zhengzhou, henan province manager and trainer anthracene phenanthrene national work conference on the market.

  2015 anthracene phenanthrene in terminal display in pin work link, high-value。 Not only for sale terminal image display link added many new fashion, vivid and practical POP display props, provides more promotional guide training, to provide comprehensive terminal sales support。

Marketing - both


2015 thousands jolt, channels both merchants and film and television media propaganda, increasing the investment of marketing。

   From the channels for investment, on the one hand, deep strategic cooperation with media industry authority, every week, every month has our magazine media propaganda; On the other hand to exhibit in the majestic momentum large booth beauty expo in Shanghai, and to participate in the entire annual regional competitions cosmetics brand circuit.

   From the film and television media, leading fashion trend, new media on the one hand, invited domestic famous film star join thousands miss yolanda, as thousands company consists of depth cooperation brand star spokesperson began in 2015, at the same time as thousands of film and television media industry in the TV series, and the female one actress in the movie, focused on thousands of anthracene phenanthrene brands and products; Took more micro movie invested heavily on the other hand, through the film advertisement soft implanted rapidly improving anthracene phenanthrene brand awareness and open the eugenics ossein classic products propaganda caliber.

2015 - is the winter of the weak, the opportunity of the strong, in the face of tough market war, we learn in the war, the war in the war to overcome difficulties, we continue to use scientific strategic and tactical, laid a solid foundation for 2016.


We firmly believe that the 2016 anthracene phenanthrene will be took off for a year.

New anthracene phenanthrene prosperity bloom! Anthracene glory Philippines more dream!

Let us together!

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