Good news | 2016 Watson health beauty is great reward awards in Hong Kong, thousands again won the award (2016.10.14)


Last night, 2016 Watson health beauty is great reward the awards ceremony was held in the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre. Star star stars together, many senior beauty editor, fashion pundits and retail brands from personal care industry elite also attended the awards.



As gold supplier of watsons, foshan city, the processing with the first class service for thousands of cosmetics co., LTD. Is a prize. Following August 2016 Watson HWB, for watsons event of surplus company is processing the ossein series won the watsons after own brand award, in 2016 in Hong Kong last night Watson health beauty is great reward ceremony of surplus again won an award.




Thousands of company general manager Mr Pan Zhipeng took a group photo with the higher-ups




"Is only limited raw materials, no can't do." Over the past 25 years, thousands of companies focus on high quality skin care products research, north China, east China, foshan headquarters three research and development base, won several national invention patents, especially in the study of collagen skin care is the industry leader.

The three major research and development base


A variety of equipment



Enterprise honor

As the domestic well-known brands, cosmetics OEM/ODM thousands not only has the advanced scientific research technology and production equipment, has perfect management system, at the same time is hardware, software, high generation processing enterprise. Believe, down-to-earth steady forward thousands of enterprises will bring more high quality for the customer the generation of processing products and services.

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