Wondering what Mobilegeddon is? Well, it’s the term for Google’s newest optimization that enables mobile network sites rank higher than non mobile peers. Understanding mobilegeddon is important as it affect traffic on your website and hence your bottom line. It can be a blessing in camouflage if you understand how to set-up a proper mobile website.

Mobilegeddon impact approximately 44% of fortune 500 internet sites. 60% of on-line traffic today comes from mobile and Google requires users to have a good experience. Simply, a website must not only be accessible from mobile devices, but also be easy to use. Otherwise, the website will be down-graded in smart-phone’s search results.

A website’s text must be readable on your smart-phone device without making lot of touch adjustments. In addition, mobile network sites require easy to use tap targets, and many more features. Generally, the algorithm rule only affects smart-phone’s search results.

The Mobilegeddon up-date is a Google’s style of keeping their service relevancy as it faces competition from other native mobile application and other search engines. To score substantially on Google’s speed and mobile-user experience, test frequently needs changes to a network site’s code, graphics, and server settings. Majority of website designers aren’t up-to this complex task and a team effort is normally required. Google provides you the tools to evaluate and explain your results.

It’s important to remember that the up-date affects only search rankings on mobile devices, search results in all languages globally, and applies to individual pages rather entire website. As there are many mobile users at the moment, making your website mobile friendly is important than SEO optimization. The up-date truly concerns Google’s vision to move everyone in the way it needs them to go by using search results as a lever.